Does Education Make A Woman Arrogant


An Arrogant Woman Is An Arrogant Woman

I am still thinking and trying to understand how a woman attaining higher education and pursuing her dreams to the best of her ability translates to being arrogant and therefore not good for a man to get married to.

You people that plays too much in this part of the world.

So for some people like me who loves education we should just abandon our quest to be educated just to avoid being tagged arrogant and not submissive.

Most men whom I have had the opportunity to discuss with particularly on this topic have constantly tried to drive it home to my sense of reasoning that an educated woman must be arrogant.

See no matter how convincing you sound
I still want to let you know of something, HUMILITY is a virtue,if you lack it,you lack and if you have it,you have it irrespective of your level of education.

Humility is a virtue possessed and exhibited by some people while other people lack the same virtue of humility that others possess such people are therefore tagged to be arrogant.

a lot of people have opined that education makes people particularly women to be arrogant but i still want to believe that arrogance and humility are traits acquire throughout the period of character formation.

In essence an arrogant fellow is an arrogant fellow there is no two ways about it.

An arrogant woman is an arrogant woman whether educated or uneducated,take away the education and you will still see the traces of arrogance.

Just like the way an arrogant and egoistic man is whether he is rich rich or poor

The only thing is that wealth or the level of education enhances and brings out the inborn arrogance or pride that has been embedded or subdued for a long time.

So it’s not about a woman being educated it’s about whether the woman lacks the virtue of humility,the education is just an enhancer of the existing arrogance.

A lot of women are educated and successful but still down to earth devoid of all forms of arrogant lifestyles.

The bottom line is do not loose the woman made for you for fear of her educational level instead work on yourself and work on your self esteem once you have a high level of self esteem you will be highly secured emotionally and all those talks of an educated woman being arrogant wouldn’t scare you away even before you have the chance to talk with her.



About the Author: Ekenechukwu Mbanefo

Mbanefo Ekenechukwu is a medical physiologist. She is a creative and enthusiastic healthcare professional who takes delight in safeguarding your health for you through her insightful and informative health articles on women's health and fitness.

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