What do i do?I am in relationship with myself

What do I do I am in a relationship with myself
What do I do I am in a relationship with myself

How can you be in a relationship with a man/ woman and make him/ her feel like they are the ones dating themselves

Some of you feel too important that you can be their girlfriend but they won’t be your boyfriend and you can be their boyfriend but they won’t be your girlfriend in return because they assume you can be their girlfriend and also be your own boyfriend on their behalf.

They assume that you can be their boyfriend and also be your own girlfriend on their behalf.

I don’t know if you understand.

You call to check up on them, they reply positively.

They feel happy but you should be the one to call and check up on yourself as well.

Whenever they call you, be very sure that it’s either they need help or they need you to come and warm their beds.

They only get to call you whenever they need anything from you.

If its not to get a favor from you then forget it because they won’t even beep talk more of calling.

Yes that is who they are,they are the one i call the “Unfriendly friends”

You are only but an option in their lives,they feel like your very existence is solely dependent on them.

You visit them, they welcome you and you feel relaxed but they don’t even know where you live.

They can never ask after you or any member of your family or ever care about you because to them they are always busy and more important than God himself.

Listen nobody is always busy,it depend on the number you are in the scale of preference.

If you in the top of the list then trust me,they will reach out for you.

They will always make out time for you no matter how tight their schedule seems to be,WHY?

Because they value you!

Because you are important to them!

Because they see you as their compliment!

If they feel too important, then they are not for you.

If they are too busy to make out time for you,they are not for you.

Do not force yourself on them because that is not good for your mental health and self esteem.

In a relationship,no one is more important than the other,the two must work in synergy towards the primary goal of the relationship which is inner peace and harmony.

If for any reason one of the parties involved in a relationship begins to feel too important then the primary aim of the relationship will not be achieved.
They want you to always understand that they are busy .

If they  are always busy then are you the unemployed one?.

A lot of people are stuck in unhappy and abusive relationships believing in miracles,but the funny thing is that no miracle is greater than the collective efforts of the two parties to work things by themselves and take their relationship to the next

Don’t worry, if you die before them, they’ll locate your house.
They worry when you don’t celebrate their birthday, but were you ever born?

You may know all their family members and their stories but they only know your name.

I’m not saying that these set of friends are bad, they really love you but like I said, they trust you with being your own friend on their behalf …

Is this healthy for your mental health?

Of course not ,this will automatically throw you into depression and resultant low self esteem..
If you feel too important to be my boyfriend and I your girlfriend,isn’t it obvious there is no point of us existing as friends in the first place.
The beauty of life of life is in mutual co-operation and understanding.
Everybody can generate excuses to make them busy.


It’s quite unfair to shut the one who cares for you out of your life until you loose her then you will not understand the mistake you have made.

Make your girlfriend your best companion,confidant,best friend ,love and every other thing all in one and trust me when i say your life will be as beautiful as a garden.

    What To Do?

If you ever find yourself in this kind of one sided relationship,the best thing to do is to understand that the person is not meant for you.

They must not be in your life and you must not be in their life too.

Get your acts together and move on.

There are other fantastic and unique individuals out there who are ready to embrace you wholeheartedly irrespective of your flaws and imperfections.

Go on vacations ,concentrate on your work,meet new friends, smile more and relax .

Love will definitely find you.

A relationship where you not reduce your self esteem in other to please the other party.

Love is unique when its a mutual !

About the Author: Ekenechukwu Mbanefo

Mbanefo Ekenechukwu is a medical physiologist. She is a creative and enthusiastic healthcare professional who takes delight in safeguarding your health for you through her insightful and informative health articles on women's health and fitness.

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  1. This article is one sided ???… At the beginning you made it seems only guys are guilty of this, but the truth is both men and women are guilty.

    She told me she’s busy, but i continue to call, text, report to her friend but since i told her am also busy she stopped responding.

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