Just because I am a Woman

Just because I am a Woman

Because i am a woman a lot of people think i am nothing.

To them everything I do must be regulated and I must do them to please them.

There is a way i should dress, just because i am a woman.

There is a way i should talk, just because i am a woman

There are places i should go and places i should not go just because i am a woman .

I am not allowed to raise my voice even when someone offends me ,I am meant to shut up and do nothing .

There are works that I should not do just because I am a woman.

My education should be limited because I might stop being submissive to my husband.

I should not be too rich because being rich will make me arrogant and inconsiderate.

My freedom is limited.

My voice is not heard,but i must break this chain around my neck.

I must break this  shackles of inequality.

My voice must be heard.

But you know what!

I am the best of my kind

I am an epitome of good virtues

I am the hope of my world.

I have brought many life into this whom I am ready to do everything possible to see them happy.

I am amazing.

I can never allow anybody make my choices for me.

I am optimistic and i will embark on this journey of self liberation and emancipation with utmost disposition to succeed.

All I ever wanted was to be successful.

Can you ever imagine a world without women ,it will be void and boring.

Women are the joy of this world.

Think about your mum and loving sweet sisters.

Are they not the best thing that ever happened to you?

Women needs to be celebrated and that is exactly what  we are doing today.


Happy international women day to all amazing women all over the world !



About the Author: Ekenechukwu Mbanefo

Mbanefo Ekenechukwu is a medical physiologist. She is a creative and enthusiastic healthcare professional who takes delight in safeguarding your health for you through her insightful and informative health articles on women's health and fitness.

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