#EndThe9jaTaxOnPad-Nigerians Urge Federal Government


Nigerians urge the federal government to remove taxes on sanitary Pad.

  1. #Endthe9jataxonpads

The wave of event in the country most especially the economic situations in the country have prompted the drastic increase in price of goods and services.

Most especially as Nigeria has been expreriencing recession for almost a year now.

The women folk are not exempted from this economic melt down.

Recently it have become difficult for women across the county to afford sanitary pads for their menstrual periods due to exorbitant prices of this sanitary pads in the market now.

I can vividly remember that at the time I myself started menstruating, sanitary pads were sold as low as 100 naira but these days to get a good sanitary pad for safe period one have to keep between 500 naira and 1000 naira.

Judging from the economic situation in the country,it’s very realistic to note that only few girls who are menstruating can afford to spend between 500 naira and 1000 naira every month on sanitary.

People over the years, have wondered why condoms are given out for free while sanitary pads are not given out for free.

We all also know that sexual intercourse is a choice but menstruation isn’t a choice.

Every woman must menstruate,that is how mother nature made it to be.

Any lady who doesn’t menstruate needs medical attention because it’s really abnormal.

To understand more about menstruation read our article on 6 Important things every woman should know about her period.


The campaign to reduce the price of sanitary pads in Nigeria recently took a new dimension on Twitter.

This started after a medical doctor( Dr Olufunmilayo)with the Twitter handle “Yourfavonlinedoctor” twitted about the ugly situation of women in Nigeria not being able to afford sanitary pads due to their exorbitant prices.

Using his Twitter he was quoted to have twitted,
Menstruation is not a choice.

Most women and girls will have a monthly period every year for about 30years.

Sanitary pads are not luxury items.They are basic necessities of life for all our women and girls.
To tax such an item is immoral and inconsiderate.

In yet another of his Twitter,he had twitted,

No girl child or adult woman ever made the choice to have a monthly period.
It is a biological necessity that no female had a decision to accept or refuse.
Making them to pay extra through taxes on pads they need for their period is cruel.
#EndThe9jaTaxonPads today.

He also went further to reiterate his stand on this very controversial issue by twitting,

Imagine earning 18,000 naira a month and having to use 1000-1500 every month to buy pads if you are going to use safe sanitary pads for your period.
By year end,that’s 18,000 naira gone.
One whole month salary for someone on minimum wage.

We must #EndThe9jaTaxonPads.

This twitter post was made on October 20th,2018 and ever since then the hash tag #EndThe9jaTaxonPads have been trending on Twitter with a lot of people twitting in favor and demanding that the government do something about it.

Below are some of the twits from Twitter;


Follow this thread on Twitter and lend your own voice to the Campaign.

Facebook and other social media space are not left out in the campaign.

So many women have shared great articles on the need for the federal government should as a matter of urgency do something about the issue at hand.

A Facebook user who identify as Mbanefo Ekenechukwu wrote.
I wonder why sex which is a choice for ladies to engage in or not is being giving more preference than menstruation which is not a choice but a biological process.

Condoms are shared for free, even when they are not shared the prices are so low that even a begger on the streets can afford them.

But the cost of sanitary pad is so high that a lot of ladies cannot afford.

This has made some ladies to resort to unhygienic ways like using towels and tissue paper in place of sanitary pads.

We all should know that this unhygienic materials used by some ladies poses a danger to their health.

This is why we are urging the federal government to remove the taxes on sanitary pad so that even that female begger on the streets can afford them.

This will go a long way in making sure that we have as many healthy women as possible in Nigeria.

This and many more are the social media campaign on going in favor of women to have a safer and healthy monthly period.
Womenfit blog is not left out in this campaign.

We urge all women and lovers of women to put hands on deck and make sure that the federal government listens to the plea of the people and do something about the high cost of sanitary pads in the country.

Use any medium you have to make sure that this message reaches a wider audience.

Please share!

About the Author: Ekenechukwu Mbanefo

Mbanefo Ekenechukwu is a medical physiologist. She is a creative and enthusiastic healthcare professional who takes delight in safeguarding your health for you through her insightful and informative health articles on women's health and fitness.

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