My doctor told me I could have avoided breast lump if my breast was always sucked-Lady who survived breast lump


Read through and know why  it is good to perform self-examinations on your breast to detect any changes early enough.

Women Fit correspondent:Good evening madam, Please can we meet you?

Placy:Good evening
I am miss placida Chidiebere Adinuba
I am from ukpor in nnewi south LG Anambra State, a graduate of Medical physiology from chukwuemeka odumegwu ojukwu university Anambra State Nigeria.

Women fit correspondent: Welcome to today’s edition of true life stories of breast lump survivors.

I hope you will really share the full story with Womenfit blog as it will be a source of inspiration and guideline to all women out there going through this predicament.

Placy:Thank you very much.

Yes of course I i will be glad to share my story with all women across the globe.

Women Fit correspondent: You are welcomed
You had breast lump,it must have been really devastating to find out you had them .
For how long did you have them before noticing they were there?

Placy:It was actually  scary but  I thank God am a survivor.

I had them for quiet some time because of ignorance,I actually thought it was normal but after the forming process it was obvious it was definitely abnormal.

Women Fit correspondent:That must have been a bit off to find out that something abnormal was growing in your precious apples(laughs).

Placy: Hahahaha… Yes you know and so discomforting.

Women Fit Correspondent:How did you notice this lumps exactly?
Because we know in this part of the world it is often seen as a weird attitude if a lady is seen feeling her breasts.

Placy:Yeah you very right… I remember when I noticed them I would ask my friends to help me check too to be sure and help ease the scary and abnormal feeling ,they will rather worsen it by rejecting saying its weird touching my apples (laughs).

Emmmm…. Noticing the lump all started as pain like the normal menstrual sign but period started and ended and the pains was still there and at a point the actual lump formed.

And then I had to use my fingers to feel my breasts,that was when I noticed the lump were there.

Womenfit Correspondent:Did you at any point notice the size of the lump changed with the onset of your period?

Placy:No… Not at all after the lump formed the pain disappeared.

The lump size didn’t change with the onset my period actually.

Women Fit Correspondent:Oh really? During this time the lump was there was there any form of discharge from the breast?

Placy:Yes… My nipple discharged fluid.

It was one of the signs I had.

Women Fit Correspondent:Did you have any fears of the lump being or relating to breast cancer?

Placy:Yes… I was scared till the point of entering the theater  for my surgery.

Women Fit Correspondent:Did you try any natural remedies all in a bid to get the growing lump treated?

Placy:No I didn’t… Immediately I was diagnosed  I was told by my doctor that  the only remedy was surgery.

My mind was set on undergoing surgery to remove the lump.
Women Fit Correspondent:That’s is really a nice step.
Were you told what caused your lumps?

Placy:(laughs) The doctor was a funny man.

He was scolding me for not having my boobs sucked (laughs)

He said that I should get married and breast feed a baby or get a boyfriend and breastfeed a big baby( Laughs)funny enough he was serious and scolded me each time I laughed.

Women Fit Correspondent:(laughs)really?

Placy: (laughs) Yes!

Women Fit Correspondent:I have always heard that as a mere rumor that when the breast is sucked it reduces the risk of breast lump.
I never thought a doctor could affirm to that.

Placy: Me too, I thought he was joking till he scolded me that if I laugh again he would walk me out his office that I don’t know what I have in there in my breast is dangerous and can cause breast cancer

Women Fit Correspondent: How can you describe the surgery experience.

And what’s your advice to fellow women  who have lumps but refused  getting medical attention from a certified health care professional.

Instead they are bent on self medicating.

What do you have to say to them?

Placy: Well… Hmmmmm.. My two surgeries was two different experiences entirely.

The first was bearable and I was put to sleep everything went smoothly and fast but the second one I was awake.

It took time cause I was disturbing and was psychologically traumatized.

It was not easy.. But I thank God

My advise to all the women is this;

Always examine your breast In the shower,in front of the mirror or while lying down .

This is called self examination of the breast for breast cancer or lumps

Don’t wear bra to sleep,when at home ease up

Once you notice any changes get medical attention.

Do not self medicate!

And finally be sure that the lump is found is  properly removed by a certified health care professional to avoid reoccurence

Women Fit Correspondent: wow! That was a nice advice.

Thank you for being with us through out this interview section.

October is breast cancer awareness.

We are on the campaign to get women to know what to look out for.

One of these things is breast lump as it is one of the underlying symptoms of breast cancer.

What are your thoughts on this October awareness?

Do you think it will help in early detection of breast cancer?

Placy: I am very happy being here with WOMENFIT blog,thank you so much.

Ermm.. The cancer awareness especially breast cancer awareness is a great one.

Had it been I  knew about this before it would have been of great importance to me in examining myself regularly but am glad i got to know now because I definitely join in the Breast cancer awareness campaign.

It will definitely help so many women in getting to understand all the facts they need to know about Breast cancer.

Breast lump can occur at any time and it’s one of the underlying causes of breast cancer let’s be AWARE!

Thank you very much Womenfit blogfor being there for our women.

Keep this good work going



Women Fit Correspondent: Thank you for your time and for the voice you have lent to this campaign.

It’s our duty to care for the health and well-being of the women and we are gladly doing that through this breast cancer awareness campaign.



About the Author: Ekenechukwu Mbanefo

Mbanefo Ekenechukwu is a medical physiologist. She is a creative and enthusiastic healthcare professional who takes delight in safeguarding your health for you through her insightful and informative health articles on women's health and fitness.

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