6 Important Facts Every Woman Should Know About Her Period

6 Important facts every woman should know about her period

The female monthly period is also called menstruation,although most a times we prefer calling it by the period tag.

Every woman that have attained the age of puberty will experience a monthly flow of blood out of  the vagina through the cervix.

I don’t want to talk about the weird feeling we have for the first time on seeing this blood.

Mine was out of this world,I welcomed it with mixed feelings.

That feeling of not knowing whether to laugh or cry .

Yes period is part of what makes every woman complete and it’s unique.

Women are always on the quest to understand  the important things every woman should know about her period.

For that particular reason

We are going to completely examine this important things.

Quick facts about Period (Menstruation )

  • Menstruation is the monthly shedding of the thickened endometrial  (uterine) lining.
  • This thickening of the uterine lining is caused by hormones (progesterone) which are released during ovulation and it prepares the body for conception. 
  • At the end of ovulation and conception fails to take place,the thickened lining begins to shed off and comes out with blood during menstruation 
  • Menstruation lasts for about 3-5 days,although some women have longer days of periods getting up to 7 days.
  • If your period lasts more than 7 days,please speak to your doctor.As it could be as a result of hormonal imbalance.
  • Periods occur within the menstrual cycle and it’s the day 1 of the menstrual cycle.
  • Day 14 is ovulation,that is to say that a menstrual cycle consists of about 28 days for some women.
  • For others it could get up to 32 days to complete their own menstrual cycle.
  • Most periods vary somewhat,the flow may be high,moderate or heavy.
  • As one gets older the cycle usually shortens and becomes more regular.

From this quick facts,it’s obvious that an average woman should see periods as part of her.

Like it or not,your monthly period is a part of your life.

We do well to learn and keep in line with all we need to know about periods.

Your period is not the end -You still need to go through other stages within the same month.

Maybe you thought that once the blood flow arrives then boom everything is done?

No ,this is not the case.

In fact your period is the day one of your menstrual cycle and it’s just the beginning.

Within hours of arrival of your flow,your estrogen levels begins to rise slowly.

This slow increase in estrogen level gradually releases you from the strong grab of heaviness and cramps caused by pre-menstrual syndrome.

After your period other phases and changes continues until you get to day 14 (ovulation )

And the cycle continues each marked with certain changes In the body.

You’d Ask if Pre-Menstrual Syndrome Is Normal?

6 important things every woman should know about her period
6 important facts every woman should know about her period

The degree at which a lot of women experiences PMS have made it look like it’s a normal thing that one must experience it to make a complete period.

Somebody asked me “Are you sure you are menstruating?” Simply because I wasn’t having PMS.

PMS is not something you should expect to be part of your period because it’s very abnormal.

It is caused by hormonal imbalance.

To be candid severe PMS should be an indication that something is wrong with your endocrine system.

It’s not something to take pride in and endure all the cramps,pains,restless,anxiety e.t.c.

No you don’t need to put up with this on monthly basis.

You deserve something and that is “To live a PMS free life”

A life where you don’t have to endure all that cramps and pain .

Have you imagined that?

If you are reading this right now you need to get to the root causes of PMS if you are having one.

And that is hormonal imbalance.

You can entirely get rit of the effects of hormonal imbalance and live a PMS free life.

Tried pills and it’s not working?

Here is the right food supplements that will help you to handle period pains.

Does the color of your period matter?

Checking and knowing the color of your period will help you to know a lot about your period.

Yes you need to observe the color for changes.

It’s really important,because the color will tell you which hormone is balanced and which hormone is not balanced.

Can I get pregnant while on my Period?

Like I said earlier,your period is the first day of your menstrual cycle.

It is not the end but the beginning.

Let me also remind you that menstruation is not a birth control method.

Although it is very rare,but it is still very possible that you can get pregnant during  your period.

This is because sperm can survive in the vagina for up to 7 days.

So when you have sexual intercourse towards the end of your period.

The sperm can fertilize the egg if you ovulate anytime soon after your period.

Is it alright if I skip my period with birth control pills. 

Why do you want to skip your period?

Let me try and see your reasons ;

  • Periods are annoying so I want to skip it and be free.
  • Because I have heavy,painful and uncomfortable periods and it feels this monthly flow is sabotaging my life.
  • Oh! I have a vacation planned.
  • I have a big event planned so by skipping period there will be no period symptoms and nothing to worry about.
  • People who feels the negative impact of blood loss.For instance people who have anaemia might also want to skip their period.

Now that I have seen your reasons

Back to the question of if it’s alright to use birth control pills to skip your period.

No studies have been done to know the exact negative implications of continually skipping periods.

Nevertheless, medical studies have reported no significant negative health effects of skipping periods using birth control pills.

While this medical report suggested that it is safe for most women .

One major disadvantage is that it will be more difficult to tell when you are pregnant.

You will have signs that will make you think you are pregnant. 

At some point during your period,you will have period signs that will confuse you.

And make you think you might be pregnant.

This happens mostly when you have had unprotected sexual Intercourse within the same monthly cycle.

This signs includes;

  • Cramps
  • Bloating (your belly feels like it’s swelled up from inside)
  • Tender and sire breasts
  • Mood swings (quick change of emotions, feeling sad,angry and anxious )

Having read through this Important things every woman needs to know about her periods.

I hope you learnt one or two things.

And ready to change your perspective towards monthly periods.

Knowing that you can really have an amazing period.

Because you now know everything you need to know.

Don’t forget to drop a comment for us.

This will help us to know where we should concentrate on and how you feel .

So that we can serve you better.



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  1. This was a very interesting read. I did not know that the color of the blood can indicate something is wrong with our hormones. This post is definitely filled with great things all women should know. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Like u said in PMS, hormomal imbalance. Then wat exactly do this drugs do wen u take den during dat period , Does it means it balances d hormone

  3. I loved reading this. I suffer from PMS but my guynaecologist is helping out! I didn’t know one could skip periods! Well I don’t want to lol. It’s a natural thing why interrupt it? My thoughts though lol. Thanks for sharing!


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