9 Key Rules for Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Look

9 Key Rules for Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Look

With so many accessories to choose from,how can a person know which they should incorporate into an outfit and which should be left at home?

This is a question men and women struggle with everyday.

Fortunately,there are some key rules for choosing the right accessories for an outfit.

Keep these rules in mind when putting together clothes and getting dressed becomes a much easier task

Don’t Overdo It with Large Accessories

Try to minimize the number of large accessories worn at one time.

In fact, a person should never have more than three or four oversized accessories on simultaneously.

Numerous people feel one is enough to make or break an outfit, but this depends in part on personal preference.

If only one statement piece is worn, plan the entire outfit around it to truly make a fashion statement.

Adina’s Jewels offers a number of pieces suitable for this purpose so be sure to pay the site a visit before making any purchase.

In addition, be sure that multiple pieces coordinate in terms of their material, color, and style.

Mix and Match Shoes and Handbags

In the past, certain fashion rules were always followed by those who followed common trends.

For example, women would often coordinate their handbag with their shoes, choosing items in the same shade for a well-put-together look.

However, experts now say this does not need to be done.

In fact, quite a few believe it is better to offset a bright pair of shoes with a handbag in a neutral tone.

Try both options to see which you feel is best for the outfit being worn.

Leave the Watch at Home

9 Key Rules for Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Look
9 Key Rules for Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Look

When wearing an evening dress or other formal wear, leave the watch at home.

Regardless of the style, the watch detracts from the overall look of the outfit.

If a timepiece is essential for some reason, try to find a piece that doesn’t need to be worn on the wrist but can be incorporated into the outfit in some other way.

When this is not possible, try to find a small timepiece that can be hidden under the clothing and accessed when needed.

Size Is of Importance

Women need to choose rings based on their finger size and this is not referring to the actual size of the ring finger.

In fact, women with long, slim fingers will find thick rings are acceptable.

In contrast, women with short fingers need to select accessories that are thin to make the fingers look longer than they truly are.

Mix Metals

Start with one metal and then add accordingly.

Experts recommend individuals choose a warm-toned piece made of gold and then add some silver pieces to offset it with cool tones.

There is no need to ensure all pieces match in terms of their metals any longer.

This is true with all parts of an outfit, as a coordinated look from top to bottom is not required.

It’s easy to show one’s fashion sense when items can be mixed and matched for a unique look.

Throw out all of the old fashion rules about coordinating from head to toe and show your personality with the help of accessories in different metals.

This is a good way to start when you are trying new things, as jewelry can be obtained at little cost and yet may change the entire look of the outfit.

Long is Better

long is better
long is better

When the time comes to choose a necklace to go with an outfit and there are multiple options to select from, go with the longer one.

Women often don’t realize that a necklace that hits just below the bustline makes her appear both taller and slimmer.

What woman doesn’t want to hear this? Try this one change today and see how it truly alters your entire appearance.

Never Go Bare

9 Key Rules for Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Look
9 Key Rules for Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Look

Always wear at least one piece of jewelry.

If possible, make certain you have something on your wrist if nothing else.

More is better when it comes to this part of the body.

Go through the current items owned and try mixing and matching them for a layered look.

Once you know what you have on hand, you can fill in any gaps with new pieces.

If there is a reason bracelets cannot be worn, such as they may get caught in something, make certain to put on a necklace or a pair of earrings.

Every woman should accessorize to make herself look and feel better.

Shoe Color

Women should be able to choose the shoes they love.

For example, there is no need to avoid white shoes after Labor Day.

That fashion rule has been thrown out the window.

However, ladies should never wear black shoes with pastel colors.

This does not mean white shoes or those in a pale shade need to be selected.

Black is the only color that should be avoided when wearing these shades, simply because black provides too much of a contrast between the clothing and the shoes.

It disrupts the entire look.

Create an Elegant Look

9 Key Rules for Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Look
9 Key Rules for Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Look

People often wonder how others always look elegant regardless of what they are wearing.

There may be a simple answer to this. Numerous women choose to purchase a matching set of jewelry to adorn their neck, ears, wrist, and more.

While this look does work at times, it isn’t always the answer.

If coordinating pieces of jewelry will be worn, make certain they are small in size for an elegant appearance.

Wearing multiple large pieces from the same set tends to provide the opposite effect.

The person simply looks tasteless when this style is chosen.

If these rules seem overwhelming, don’t try to follow them all at the same time.

Begin incorporating one rule into your morning routine and see how it changes your life.

With time, add another rule until they all become so ingrained choosing accessories becomes effortless.

Furthermore, be sure to check out new jewelry offerings regularly so you don’t miss out on a great piece simply because you weren’t aware it was available.

Nobody wants that.

Satisfied with this 9 Key Rules for Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Look?

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