About Us

Womenfit blog is a women’s health and fitness blog

Mbanefo Ekenechukwu is a Medical physiologist.

She is a creative health writer and researcher who is devoted to feeding you the best articles concerning your health and overall wellbeing. At women fit blog lies the solutions to all your women’s health and fitness issues. Ask your questions and get a prompt reply.

We also have a collection of fitness products like waist trainers and body shapers, you can check out our shop to place your orders.



Womenfit’s Beauty section is all about easy how-tos/101s and master class, giving the reader a ringside view of the latest techniques, treatments and tips and tricks from the world of beauty. Get the complete low-down on everything related to hair, skin, makeup and the best products. Plus, pointers from experts on how to get your favorite celeb looks.


The lifestyle category is majorly concerned with day to day activities of women with regards to their health and overall living conditions.


Health and Wellness are more than being free from illness–it is a dynamic process of change and growth. With well-researched stories on diet and weight loss, plenty of home remedies, advice from renowned fitness experts and tips on how to de-stress, this is a section that caters to the busy working woman, helping you stay healthy and fit with effortless ease.


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