10 Amazing tips to keep your kitchen neat and sparkling

Amazing tips to keep your kitchen clean and sparkling


Amazing tips to keep your kitchen neat and sparkling are exactly what you will learn in the write-up if you are willing to read to the end.

Keeping your kitchen clean and neat is very important as the kitchen is the place where foods eaten in the house are prepared.

A place like that deserves all the neatness and cleanliness it can get.

Another aspect of the kitchen that should very well be monitored is the installation of kitchen equipment as the type of equipment in the kitchen will also help to determine how neat it can be.

Kitchen installations of types of equipment are very essential in ensuring that the kitchen is always nice and sparkling.

Amazing tips to keep your kitchen neat and sparkling

If you are at loss on what to do to maintain cleanliness in your kitchen then reading these amazing tips to keep your kitchen and countertops neat and sparkling will be great!

  • Wash plates right after use
  • Catch drips with coasters under jars
  • Use a scrap bowl and garbage cars
  • The trash can should be close by
  • Use a scrap bowl and garbage cans
  • The trash can should be close by
  • Use hand wipes often
  • Place floor mats at strategic places to hold cooking crumbs
  • Cover the top of your refrigerator
  • Cover your food while microwaving
  • Cover your oil properly
  • Pay special attention to your countertops

Wash your plates right after use

The plates used for eating and other dirty dishes should be washed immediately after usage.

It leaves no room for cockroaches and other insects to perch on the plates.

Use a glass or a plate? Rinse immediately and place in the dishwasher

Catch drips with coasters under jars

Jars of honey and jam jars always would need coasters under them to catch drips.

Once the coasters catch drips you won’t have to worry about the sticky mess getting on other things when you rummage through the cupboards.

Use a scrap bowl and garbage bowl.

Dump vegetable peels in the scrap bowl as you prepare your dinner.

Keeping trash in the scrap bowl is very helpful as you can just make one trip to the main garbage can instead of going severally.

Keep trash cans accessible

Not many people like the sight of trash cans but keeping trash cans hidden under the cupboard will make fewer people likely to use them.

Tuck newspapers in the bottom of the trash can to catch drips and later dispose of the newspapers, this will help reduce odors that might arise from garbage cans.

Use wipes regularly

Keeping a pack of hand wipes around makes it easy to clean up spills or splatters, you can as well use the wipes to wipe the sink facets and drips on the floor, then grab another and wipe your hands.

Place floor mats at strategic places to catch crumbs while cooking

Just like you know that placing mats at the entrance of your door reduces the dirt people track indoors.

They also work the same way in the kitchen.

Place a floor mat with a non-slip backing in front of your sink, stove and wherever you stand to prepare food, the floor mats will catch spills and drips and hence help to keep the kitchen clean and healthy

Cover the top of your refrigerator

Even if you store boxes of cereal up there, it is still very important to know that the top of your refrigerator is still a dust accumulator.

Cover it with a sheet of wax paper, a decorative towel, or table cloth, wash them weekly and change.

Cover your food while microwaving

Use microwave splatter screens to cover your food while microwaving then rinse them after use.

Using a microwave splatter screen will reduce the splatter of oil from food during microwaving.

Cover your oils 

No matter how careful you are during cooking you still find out that bottles of olive and avocado oil get grimy after a few uses, oil attracts cockroaches and pests and this is why you need to keep those bottles neat, an easy way of doing this is to wrap the bottles with a paper towel fastened in place by a rubber band.

Pay special attention to your countertops

We have talked about other aspects involved in keeping the kitchen neat and healthy.

You cannot keep the kitchen neat if your countertops are dirty.

The countertop is one of the most important aspects of the kitchen one must be concerned with.

It is also important to know that taking care of the countertops also depends on the material the surfaces are made of.

Regardless of the material, they are made of, the goal is to keep them clean.

For a lot of us, we mostly use vinegar as a cleaner in the kitchen but for some countertops made with materials like granite or marble, cleaning them with vinegar can cause more harm than good.

Regardless of whether you have countertops made of wood, tile, or granite a lot of care regimen is expected to keep them clean and maintained to ensure that your tops are neat and sparkling and retain their splendor even after many years.

Read further to get the best tips and techniques for keeping many of the common materials used in today’s kitchen counters clean.

To clean countertops

Countertops in the kitchen are made with different materials as stated earlier ranging from marble to granite but for this write-up, we shall be exploring how to clean granite countertops.

Granite is an igneous rock and is made from silicate minerals.

It is very non-porous and has beautiful natural features of stone, it is very durable and strong.

It does not require much in terms of maintenance and can withstand heat without ending up with a scorched surface.

However, it can crack if a sharp object is dropped on it.it also absorbs oil very quickly and can be easily stained by acidic ingredients such as tomato juice or sauce, vinegar, coffee, and fruit juices.

To clean the granite countertop, a neutral pH-balanced cleaner is best.

Do not use any cleaner with acid content.

Any cleaner with harsh chemicals or ones of caustic nature like ammonia and bleach that can dull the surface should be avoided.

Gently wipe up liquids and spills of acidic ingredients promptly using a soft sponge and clear water.

For your daily cleaning, a pH-neutral cleaner that is specially made for granite is the best to use.

Apply a little to a soft cloth, then rub unto the counter in a circular motion to clean, buff, and shine the granite surface.

Stain can be lifted with the fibrous side of the sponge.

At the end of it all, it’s important to take note of the material which your counter was made of as this will enable you to know the best options cleaners to choose for cleaning the tops since different counter materials require different cleaners to keep them sparkling and looking their best.

The best trick is to know what will be best for your surface.

Before you start cleaning, determine the best cleaners for your surface and it will be easy to maintain your countertop.

What about you our readers, Do you have any special tips or products you use in keeping your kitchen especially the countertops clean? Let us know in the comments below.

We’d learn more and as well share your insight



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