6 Amazing Ways to Manage Your Interpersonal Relationships

The human existence has been characterized by a lot of social,academic,moral and religious relationships which specifically identifies human beings as a social species of the higher class that have always from time immemorial identified with one another in one way or the  other at very different occasions .

This can be seen as interpersonal relationship which can either be beneficial or harmful to both parties depending on how this relationship is managed.

What Is Interpersonal Relationship?

Friends holding hands
Friends holding hands

Interpersonal relationship is the bond or relationship existing between two or more people.

This immediately points to the fact that as humans and at any point in our life we are bound to meet with different people from different angles of life.

The big question is ,how do we relate with these people knowing  well that our  senses of reasoning and understanding are quite different thanks to our different upbringing and background?

Interpersonal relationship is pertinent in these following areas of life;

  • Individuals working together in an organisation or firm
  • Individuals in love
  • Interpersonal relationships between family members and
  • interpersonal relationship between friends etc

Since we cannot run away from meeting and socialising with people on daily basis we can only do as little as learning how to relate, communicate and stay with people hitch freely and that is the purpose of this write up.

It’s obvious that a lot of people have very poor interpersonal relationship with their fellow human beings and have otherwise ended up being the worst nightmare any individual will wish to have around People.

People who  poor interpersonal relationship management

  1. A lot of people have very wide mouth and seems to be unable to control what comes out of their mouth at any point in time, do you think such a person can keep a healthy relationship with anybody? Of course no that is because they can never be trusted with very valuable information, they will  say it out unknowingly.
  2. The unnecessarily aggressive individuals who becomes so
    aggressive upon the slightest provocations.
  3. The liars
  4. The arrogant type
  5. The one that can never be corrected
  6. Individuals with domineering attitudes

A lot individual  fall into the categories of people mentioned above hence it is difficult for them to maintain a healthy and hitch free interpersonal relationship with people

Because of  these bad attitudes which people tend to find offensive and hence it becomes difficult to put up with such people.

If you ever find yourself in the category of people listed above then you really need to work on your personality and learn how to move in the same direction with people of different mindset towards achieving a particular goal while maintaining your relationship.

Ways to Achieve A Good Interpersonal Relationship With Others

If  your interpersonal relationship with people have been an unhealthy one and you really do not understand why everybody who comes around you finds it difficult to stay for a period of time.

Consequently you have concluded that people hates you ,then there is the need for you  to embark on a long distance journey of searching your soul, believe me if you do  this sincerely then you will definitely find out that singular attitude in you which makes  people who come into your life to either complain bitterly or take a long walk.

It’s not all about hatred although accepted that there are people who actually hates for no reason but not when every other person who comes around vanishes within a short period of time, then there is definitely something wrong with your personality that poses  a barrier to your interpersonal relationship with others.

Nevertheless there is nothing to be afraid of because we are here to help you toward working on your attitudes and moving it towards a positive direction .

And you ask how? Then pay attention and read through with every enthusiasm being careful not to miss a single word.

1. Think before you talk:

I want to assert that all through my life I have seen people  who are unnecessarily loud and say everything that comes to their mind without considering  the impact of their word at that point in time, this kind of people end up saying the wrong thing at the right time.

Remember that any word that have proceeded  from the mouth can never be taken back therefore its pertinent to think well before you allow your words to flow out, It depicts wisdom and maturity.

In any situation do well to observe and monitor the situation properly, think properly and make your contributions.

Shouting and making unnecessary and senseless utterances have never made any human an intelligent being rather it depict your poor state of mind and people will never take you serious.

2. Do not be necessarily aggressive:

A lot of people are just aggressive and exhibits these absurd characters upon the slightest provocations.

If you really want to improve your interpersonal relationship with other people there is the need for you to tame yourself if not for anything but for the fact that nobody wants to associate with a wild animal in human clothing who is ready to tear down and devour unnecessarily.

3. Be Truthful:

Being truthful and transparent matters a lot in our daily relationship with people and it’s a necessity.

A lot of people are chronic liars to the extent that they have gone to the market where lies are sold, purchased them in bulk and then distributes them proportionally, meet them anywhere and ask them something they will just dip their hands into their pockets and give you one of those lies free of charge.

Work on yourself and stop lying and watch how your relationship with people improves.

Each time you feel that unnecessary urge to lie  do something for me just give yourself a sting on the body, a very painful one feel the pain then imagine how painful it is when people are being lied  and then say the truth. Being truthful helps a lot.

4. Always Allow Yourself To Be Corrected:

Giving other people room to correct you always does the magic.

When relating with people do not allow yourself to perpetually drain in the terrain of “I know everything “nobody is perfect and as such we work together bringing ourselves together and striving towards perfection so allowing rooms to be corrected and accepting those correction is a good way of boosting your interpersonal relationship with others

5. Be Humble, Avoid Being Arrogant:

A lot of people are just so arrogant to the point that it is irritating to even
talk to them talk more of having any relationship with them even as just friends.

I wonder what makes such people so proud of themselves, instead of being humble and relating with people amicably they tend to rub oil on their ego and keep  massaging  it considering themselves to be superhuman.

See nobody is a superhuman, all human beings are created equal with equal number of neuronal circuits in the brain so if it’s because you consider yourself more intelligent than others, I suggest you take a trip to the morgue when you come back tell me what happens to that brain after you have gone? Is it your riches? Social rank? They are good but just remember that all is vanity! Humble yourself!!

6. Do not be over domineering:

Allow people who relate with you to make suggestions and decisions too.

Do not be the master of all depriving all and sundry of any iota of belonging.

Do not allow your relationship with people to be  a master servant relationship when you do it’s obvious that type of relationship will not make any headway.

Learn to give way to peoples opinion it is very important in improving your interpersonal relationship with others.

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