Best Halaal Food Guide For Ladies During Ramadan

So Ramadan is here and the usual halaal is prepared following the Traditions and customs. We want you to follow the right customs that is why we have prepared the best halaal food guide for ladies during Ramadan.

What is Halaal?

Knowing what Halaal tells us a lot about it, and how it should be prepared.

The word “Halaal” means permissible, which means “allowed” it’s a direct opposite of Harman which means “Forbidden”

What does this tell us about Halaal?

Well, your Halaal has to be prepared using the Islamic dietary laws and regulations that make the mean allowed or permissible and also lawful.

As a result, it is very important that you know the Halaal status of the food products you consume so that you don’t consume something ‘forbidden’

The best halaal food guide for ladies during Ramadan (Halaal Food Standard)

Best Halaal Food Guide For Ladies During Ramadan

So as a lady thinking of preparing a Halaal meal for the family, the standard for Halaal meals during Ramadan is very straight forward.

Halaal Food items are:

  1. Zabiha meat( it could be beef or sheep) and some poultry meat e.g chicken, turkey.
  2. Fishes that contain scales.
  3. Vegetables, fruits, and grains except for the ones that are toxic to the body.
  5. Milk and eggs of any allowed animal.
  6. Animal extracted products from zabiha meat Products.
  7. All Vegetable Ingredients except the ones that are toxic to the body.

Note: The Halaal Food are the ones that are accepted by the Islam faith and they MUST not come in contact with Forbidden food.


Tips for preparing the Halaal Meal/ Snacks:

  • Food traditions and dietary habits have been largely impacted by religion and culture.
  • Ask the participants or group leader if anyone has special dietary requirements of needs.
  • Display the Halal certification symbol, food ingredient label or Halaal store cash receipt.
  • Provide a vegetarian meal by using legumes as an alternative to meat meals.
  • Read food labels diligently and regularly when buying food, as ingredients can change without you noticing the change at all.

This is to make sure that there are no forbidden ingredients along with the food.

Food to avoid during Ramadan (Harman Food)

  1. Pork and its by-products e.g. gelatin, lipase, pepsin.
  2. Meat from animals that are not slaughtered according to the dietary law of the Islams.
  3. Alcohol and foods prepared with alcohol e.g. sweets and cakes that include alcohol like rum cake.
  4. Foods made with pure or artificial vanilla extract (vanilla is prepared with alcohol).
  5. Foods containing blood and blood by-products e.g. blood pudding.
  6. Foods made with any one of the following: whey prepared with a non-microbial enzyme, rennet, animal shortening, monoglycerides, and diglycerides from an animal meal, sodium stearoyl￾lactylate, L-cysteine.

Ingredients to avoid if you are buying Halaal food

Below are the ingredients you should look out for when you are buying Halaal food.

Ingredient to avoid for Ramadan.


Alcohol Wine, beer or spirits Alcoholic drinks, desserts, confections, packaged foods,

combination of foods

Animal Shortening Pork, non-Zabihah1 beef Combination foods, baked products, desserts
Broth Pork, non-Zabihah beef

and chicken

Soups, sauces, other combination foods
Gelatin Pork, non-Zabihah beef Some desserts, candy, baked goods, ice cream,

molded puddings, yogourt

Ham, bacon Pork Canned beans, deli meats, frozen dinners, processed

foods, soups, Caesar salad, salad dressings

Lard Pork Bread, crackers, pies, baked products
L-cysteine Pork, non-Zabihah beef Dough, Flour
Lipase Pork Cheese, processed cheese, products

containing cheese or yogourt


Mono and diglycerides


Pork, non-Zabihah beef

Bread, baked products, processed foods, animal

shortening and some margarines2

Pepsin Pork Cheese, yogourt
Rennet Pork, non-Zabihah beef Cheese, yogourt
Sodium stearoyl-lactylate Pork, non-Zabihah beef Bread
Vanilla extract3 Pure or artificial vanilla


Baked products, confections, desserts, candies
Whey4 Milk Cheese, crackers, combination foods


These Ingredients listed above are Harman ingredients and you should avoid any food that contains any of them.

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Keynotes on (Best halaal food guide for ladies during Ramadan)

These are essential keynotes that will guide you as you prepare your Halaal meal for Ramadan.

  • Zabihah means slaughtered according to the laws of Islam diets.
  • Some kinds of margarine may contain monoglycerides and diglycerides from animal meals.
  • Vanilla in powdered form can be used.
  • Whey is Haram if prepared with the non-microbial enzyme

All steps should be taken to make sure that Forbidden food is not taken by you and your household.

Top website for Halaal food instructions and ingredient:

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So this is the best halaal good guide for ladies during Ramadan. If you have any thoughts about this leave it in the comment section.

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