What Are the Symptoms of Rh Incompatibility?
The symptoms of Rh incompatibility on your unborn baby can range from mild to life-threatening

As discussed earlier when your antibodies attack your baby’s red blood cells, hemolytic disease can occur. This means your baby’s red blood cells are destroyed.

When your baby’s healthy red blood cells are destroyed, bilirubin will build up in their bloodstream.

Bilirubin is a chemical that’s created from the breakdown of red blood cells. Too much bilirubin is a sign that the liver, which is responsible for processing old blood cells, is having trouble.

Your baby may have one or more of the following symptoms if their bilirubin levels are high after birth:

  • yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes, which is called jaundice
  • lethargy
  • low muscle tone

These symptoms will subside once the Rh incompatibility treatment is completed.