Help me my body itches like hell after bathing

Have you ever had a bath in the night and instead of having the usual relaxed feeling that accompanies a night bath. You experience this persistent itching on the body. A times the itches occurs as a result of particles which irritates and stimulates sensory receptors on the body surface leading to itches. These itches … Read more

7 Interesting Ways to Improve Mental Health

Our mental health is very much important, as our physical health. Having a good mental health helps you to cope with stress, and develop good social health. But if you have a poor mental and emotional health, it would greatly affect both your physical and social health. So how do you boost your mental health? … Read more

Five Easy Ways to Manage Depression In women

Five Easy Ways to Manage Depression In women

Five Easy Ways to manage depression Often times on various platforms,work places,our homes,schools,churches e.t.c we probably have heard or seen someone complaining of being depressed due to one thing or the other which I¬† wil later talk about in details in the cause of our discussions.   “Depression in psychotherapy and psychiatry is a state … Read more