Curing Your CBD Flowers To Perfection

Curing Your CBD Flowers To Perfection
Curing Your CBD Flowers To Perfection

Curing Your CBD Flowers To Perfection

A lot of time and patience is essential in the process of growing and drying CBD flowers to their perfection.

You may be tempted to dry your cannabis using short and quick methods, which may result in having products that are of poor quality.

To have a much better product, you are advised to use a prolonged process while removing moisture under a controlled environment.

To have good yields from any cannabis crop, you should begin by handling the seeds carefully during the crucial stages of fertilization and growing.

After a given period, your plants will have grown successfully assuming you have provided the right nutrients, environment, and lighting.

Most growers with experience will recommend using jars during the last stage of curing your harvest.

When done correctly, curing will lead to the increased potency of the end product.

An increase in potency is evident as the plants produce cannabinoids through biosynthesis that change into new blends.

The process enables tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THCA) to become the primary psychoactive compound (THC) in cannabis.

The process mentioned above does not stop instantly after you cut the plant but rather will continue if the harvested product is kept in temperatures between 60° and 70°F with 55% humidity, causing the products to gain potency.

Furthermore, jar curing affects the flavor and quality of smoke since cannabis’s unique smell and taste tend to evaporate when exposed to temperatures lower than 70°F.

Doing a slow cure while using a low temperature will ensure that the flavor and good is maintained.

Though you can use plastic containers, they are not the best choice since they do not allow adequate flow of oxygen and affect the oils and several terpenes in the buds.

These are some of the processes employed by successful vendors like berkshirecbd to produce the best quality CBD hemp flowers.

Here are the four steps you should follow when curing your CBD flowers.

Step One

Curing Your CBD Flowers To Perfection

Whether you cut the whole plant or snip the buds from the branches, you should dry them on your cannabis drying racks.

You may manicure your flowers to your liking either before or after drying.

After ensuring your CBD flowers are dry, place them carefully and loosely inside of a glass jar.

The jar should be two thirds full.

Step Two

The containers used should be closed with airtight lids and sealed and should be placed in a cool, dry, dark place to finish the curing process.

To find out whether or not you have over-dried your flowers, the buds should not be dry and crunchy on the outside during the first days.

Step Three

You should open the containers up to three times per day to enable moisture escape and enable the circulation of oxygen inside the jar.

This is known as burping.

Burping should only be done during the first week of curing to prevent mold developing.

Step Four

After opening the container the first week, you should be patient and let the flowers rest in the jar and relax.

The jar should only be opened once for a few minutes every few days.

This process should be continued for about six weeks to provide a quality product.

The longer you wait for the flowers to cure, the better the end product.


The curing process is essential in cannabis production as it increases the quality of your CBD flowers.

You should use the steps mentioned above to get the most from your crops.

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