Glo- Online Yoga Classes For Flexibility On the Go

Glo- Online Yoga Classes For Flexibility On the Go

Online Yoga with Glo

Yoga online
Glo- Online Yoga Classes For Flexibility On the Go.

We all know that developing flexibility and strength is essential for health and fitness but so few people take the time to make it happen.

Too often people get intimidated by the fear of going into a yoga studio or gym full of fit people, or they are frightened off by the thought of learning complicated yoga moves with other people watching them.

Well, fear no more! Online yoga offers the perfect solution; custom workouts and full body workouts  in the comfort and privacy of your own home whenever and wherever you want.

Glo has a huge variety of yoga and meditation classes led by the very best instructors in the country.

They also have sessions for every skill level, from absolute beginners to expert level veterans.

Their classes range from quick energy boost sessions to intense two-hour workouts.

All you need an electronic device and an internet connection and you can start on your fitness journey.

Wide Variety of Fitness Options

The online yoga and meditation sessions available through Glo are incredibly broad and include all the major yoga styles and disciplines.

You can take a high-intensity session to jump-start your day and then a calming session in the evening to get centered and relaxed.

Glo also offers educational workshops including yoga history, philosophy, self-care, and healthy eating.

They are devoted to helping you improve yourself: heart, body, mind, and soul

Now is the Time to Develop Flexibility

Have you wanted to strengthen your core and become more flexible but you can’t fit yoga classes into your schedule?

Let the expert instructors at Glo help you reach your goals with easily accessible resources to make it a reality.

Class options include the ideal starter class, “Beginner Yoga: Build Strength and Flexibility.”

This 30-minute Level 1 class is designed for people who have never done yoga and it is not at all intimidating.

The instructor is very calming and focuses on the basics of yoga like breathing which we all are doing and simple stretches.

The course objective is to develop flexibility in a gradual and gentle manner.

On to the Next Level of Flexibility

The second course on your quest to become more flexible is “Deep Release for Flexibility and Grace.”

This level 1-2 class lasts an hour and involves holding deep stretches to open up your hips and back.

This practice helps increase your range of motion. It is done in the “Restorative Style” which means it focuses on deep relaxation of the body and mind using props to cushion and support the body.

This accommodates longer stretches and holds. As the instructor notes, this is a dreamy aka relaxing class.

The Third Flexibility Course

Yoga online
Glo- Online Yoga Classes For Flexibility On the Go.

Next, you can move on to the “Posture Perfect” course. A 20-minute course designed to give you better posture through opening up your back and increasing flexibility.

Focusing on stretching the upper body and developing the core using a belt prop.

A number of the poses help reduce the tension and stress created by bending over laptops and computers for hours at work.

Join the Online Yoga 3 Week Flexibility Program

Glo has a special program to ensure that you stay on track and reach your fitness goals. It is very easy to join their flexibility program.

  • 1st: You pick the program/goal of flexibility and level.
  • 2nd: You choose the workout schedule that works best for you. Making a commitment is critical for success. Glo will send you reminders so you don’t miss a class.
  • 3rd: You participate and take your class. As easy as 1, 2, and 3 steps for success.


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