3 Health Benefits of Horseback Riding on Beautiful California Mountain in winter

Health Benefits of Horseback Riding on Beautiful California Mountain in winterHealth Benefits of Horseback Riding on Beautiful California Mountain in winter


Vacations give us a break from the stress of daily life.

They’re a chance to sample a different kind of life, ideally in a different time zone, even if only for a week or two.

We all work so hard that a vacation is necessary to keep us sane.

It is one of the health tips for women that should be taken seriously

The best vacation season is often the summer for most people, have you ever considered going in an off-season?

Especially if you happen to live in a place that gets hammered with winter weather.

Take California, for example. Even in December or January, the climate is mild, Mother Nature is still in her green mode, and the living is easy, as the song goes.

Let us give you an example of a great winter vacation in the stunning mountains of Santa Monica.

Great Hotels

Hey, it’s California – you come here expecting to stay at a great hotel, right?

Well, Westlake Village is tucked into the base of the Santa Monica Mountains, so the setting is perfect right off the bat.

Since it’s such a beautiful setting, it’s a natural tourist destination with many great hotels.

The Hyatt Regency Westlake is one popular choice, with a sophisticated mood, great service, and a pampering, resort-like atmosphere.

The Westlake Village Inn is another hot option.

This California villa offers 156 well-appointed guestrooms and an atmosphere that will remind you of Italy.

Things To Do

Admittedly, not everyone is a “commune with Mother Nature and her woodland creatures” type person.

We get it. For them, Westlake Village offers more structured vacation attractions, like two challenging public golf courses, fishing in Westlake Lake, bunches of museums, and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library not far away in the Simi Valley.

There are also movies, shopping, dining, wine tours, and the list goes on.

Most non-nature people don’t mind loafing beneath a shady tree in one of six exquisite parks with a good book, listening to podcasts, or doing the New York Times Sunday crossword.

Add a picnic basket and a bottle of local wine, and this person is good to go.

Horseback Riding

Ah, but the nature lover who embraces horseback riding is in for a treat.

Believe it or not, there are still some wild places in this over-developed country.

You could very well see wild cats and coyotes as you ride along with a selection of the 500 miles of mountain trails.

You might ride by one of the few left, the Paramount film ranch.

You could run across ancient Indian grounds, a natural California before people happened to it, and you’ll see the Pacific Ocean sparkling in the sunlight.

Experience the mild Mediterranean climate — one of five such in the world — and you’ll forget winter is even a thing.

Where To Get Horses

Tourism is a large part of any state’s revenues, so vacationers have lots of choices in their particular area of interest.

For example, ranches rent out their animals for guided as well as unguided tours and mountain trail riding.

The National Park Service oversees the Santa Monica Mountains.

They, too, offer guided horseback trail rides.

Some riding academies have an agreement with the Parks and Recreation services to allow their students and those who rent horses from them to ride the mountain trails.

It shouldn’t be difficult to contact them for information about rentals, trails, times, and fees.

Another source of horses would be independent riding stables.

Many cities or small towns have these, and they’re a good resource for knowledgeable people with good quality horses.

You’ll find them listed online, along with the other sources described herein.

So hop on a horse and have an outstanding vacation from the winter!

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