How to Stay fit and Healthy without going to the GYM(ladies special)

How To Stay Fit And Healthy Without Going To The GYM(ladies special)

How to Stay fit and Healthy without going to the GYM? (Ladies Special)

There are so many ways by which a person can stay fit and healthy without going to any GYM, all you have to do is to change some of your habits and lifestyle.

Those are the only two things that can help you in staying fit and healthy for your whole life.

The reason for not being fit and healthy for many people is their bad eating habits and poor lifestyle.

You can stay fit by following some of the basic tips.

You will definitely see a change in your body and life if you follow these tips.

Ladies have so little time for themselves as they have to do so much work, and if you are married and working women, then the workload becomes more, then it becomes impossible for a lady to give some time to their own health and body, and because of their busy lifestyles, they become so much tired, and at the end, this busy life creates an unhealthy lifestyle and they gain so much of weight.

But they have no choice left, they don’t have time to go to the GYM, but there are some methods by which you can stay fit and healthy.

So, without wasting much more time, let’s start our article.

Motivation To Stay Fit

It is not new knowledge that one of the most important ingredients to staying fit always without going to the gym is motivation.

To say healthy and fit always you definitely need the motivation to carry out the needed activities or lifestyle changes that will help you to always stay healthy without going to the gym.

Most of us lack the motivation to make minor lifestyle changes that will help us to stay healthy all the time.

If you lost your motivation or you have been struggling to develop the needed motivation for yourself then there are healthy habits you need to develop that will help you sustain your motivation more.

Whenever I lost my motivation to keep going on this healthy lifestyle journey, I always found a simple and easy way to keep myself going no matter what.

One of them is creating and customizing personalised exercise trackers,  water bottles and equally designing my personal workout outfits using sports clipart that I find extremely useful.

looking at these personal items with my creative designs on them increases my daily motivation and the resolve to do better with my healthy lifestyle journey.

What do you think about my method, do you think it is something worth trying? well, you can equally chart your own motivation course and keep at it.

The most important thing is that you have the needed motivation to stay healthy and fit always.

Improve Eating Habits

How to Stay fit and Healthy without going to the GYM? (Ladies Special)
How to Stay Fit and Healthy without going to the GYM? (Ladies Special)

Many people think that when life is already so hectic then you don’t have any choice what to eat and whatnot.

But it is not true, there is always something healthy that you can eat instead of unhealthy processed food.

You are gaining weight because of your bad eating habits, eating habits can change your body so much that you never think of them.

I am not saying, throw all the unhealthy foods from your kitchens and eat only salads and vegetable juices.

At first, you have to just remove one or two things from your food, and which are sugar and rice, and avoid eating these two things for one month, you will see the major difference in your weight and body.

Sugar has so many unnecessary calories that you will never think of, you have to stop eating or drinking anything that contains sugar in it.

This is not that much tough to do in your busy life.

After this, when you completely removed sugar from your diet then you can remove other unhealthy things from your diet as well like foods that contain a high amount of vegetable oils like burgers, fries, fried chicken, etc.

Start by avoiding very few things, it will be easy to stop eating one thing at a time, it will keep you on track of being fit and healthy.

Because many times people stop eating all kinds of unhealthy things and after one week of doing this, they become frustrated and start eating junk again.

Prevent this from happening with you, start avoiding eating one thing and then another.

Start moving your body

How to Stay fit and Healthy without going to the GYM? (Ladies Special)
How to Stay Fit and healthy without going to the GYM? (Ladies Special)

This is a fact that if you stayed in one place for a long time or you don’t do any kind of motion with your body, then you will definitely gain weight.

There are many types of small things that you can do to be in good shape, like take stairs instead of the elevator, if your office is just two or three floors above the ground floor, or you can take stairs instead of escalators, for short distances of traveling you can take cycles or you can walk.

These are some of the basic types of exercises, that you can do, and this will help you in burning some of the calories and keep you healthy and fit.

I’m confused why people spend money on an expensive gym membership when they all can do is just walk, first, they purchase GYM memberships, then drive their cars to their GYMs, and then at GYM, all they do is walking on the treadmill.

You can do this in your nearby garden or in the office or even in your home.

According to one research, if you walk for 30 minutes daily, then you will never gain extra body weight.

And if you walk for 1 hour daily then you will start losing body weight.

By just walking you can stay healthy and fit.
Or you can buy some cheap exercising machines like the spin bike for a home that can help you in losing fat, there are several kinds of exercising machine that doesn’t take much space and you can do only 15-30 minutes of exercise with these machines three or two times a week and it will help you in losing the extra body weight.

There is one machine called Supreme Toning Tower, you can read the review of this machine and if you like it you can purchase it as well.

Stay Hydrated

How to Stay fit and Healthy without going to the GYM? (Ladies Special)
How to Stay Fit and Healthy without going to the GYM? (Ladies Special)

Drinking water can help you in reducing body weight, if you drink the proper amount of water, it will help you in losing fat.

I tried this tip by myself, it really works, but there is one downside with this tip, you have to go for a pee so many times, this is annoying, but this is healthy, as waster is removing the toxins from your body.

I have alarms that remind me to take a sip of water after every 30 minutes of a gap. You can do the same as well.

Water doesn’t contain any calories that means you can drink as much water.

You can drink warm water just after you wake up with some “pure honey”, this also helps in making your digestive system healthy.

Buy only Pure Honey, there are so many brands that are selling fake honey at cheap rates, and this cheap honey is nothing just a mixture of melted sugar with some food coloring.

Take all necessary Vitamins and Minerals

In our daily diet, we are not getting all the important vitamins and minerals and that is another reason why people get sick easily, as their immune system becomes so weak because of the lack of nutritional diet.

You can get all your necessary nutrients with multivitamin pills, you can take two pills in one day.
And if you don’t want to take multivitamin pills or capsules, you can still get your nutrients but for that, you have to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, if you can eat then do it or you can buy a bottle of multivitamins.
Vitamins are important for a healthy body, if you ask your doctor about multivitamins then they also recommend you to take multivitamin pills.


In conclusion, as I mentioned earlier it is not only important to learn the things you need to do to stay healthy it is also very important that you work on your motivations.

Most people who start out on the health and fitness journey end up giving up even before they start seeing results.

This is why it is important that you take your motivation very seriously because it the most important thing that will determine your success or failure in your fitness journey.

like I mentioned earlier one of the ways I had my motivation intact all this while is personalizing my health and fitness journey.

How did I achieve that? Simply by making personalized customized fitness equipment that I use on daily basis using exercise clipart.

When I use the items daily, I look at the amazing and creative customized clipart I have on them and I could always feel motivated to keep going on the journey knowing that amazing results await at the end of the day

These are the things you will do if you want to stay healthy and fit always and have reasonable control over your body weight.


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