How To Treat Natural Hair At Home

How To Treat Natural Hair At Home

Are you experiencing a typical hair problem?

Does your hair break just with the touch of the comb?

Is your hair not growing at all and you are finding this extremely stressful?

I know right because I have been there before.

the stress that comes with trying everything you could to make sure that your hair grows naturally without any result to show for it.

spending almost a fortune buying products that never work for your hair growth.

if you are tired and about to give up on your hair then what you may need now is the simple but effective knowledge of how to treat your hair at home.

I have used virtually everything recommended for my hair in order to make sure that it grows to the length I want all to no avail until I found this little but powerful home remedy to treat your hair.

you may be wondering what this home remedy is all about, calm down I will treat you to it.

In this article, I will be sharing with you the simple trick to treat your hair at home.

The best remedy to treat your hair at home is using carrot oil.

Carrot oil is very effective in maintaining your hair texture and ensures hair growth as well.

The best part of using carrot oil is that you can easily prepare it at home without spending so much except the few bucks you will spend on buying the carrot at the mall.

Interesting right? before we proceed to explore the exact method you can use to treat your hair at home using carrot oil let us understand all we need to know about carrot oil and its composition.

Carrot is a root vegetable that has a bright orange color.

There are also other various colors which are yellow, red, purple, black, and white.

How To Treat Natural Hair At Home

The Taproot of the carrot is the most commonly eaten part of the carrot.

Carrot is highly nutritious when eaten raw or cooked.

Over the years carrots have been used for many beauty hacks by women because of their high essential nutrients that are good for healthy and glowing skin.

The good news is that it does not take rigorous expertise to master the act of making carrot oil because it involves a very simple process that can be learned by anyone easily if you follow the simple procedures below.

Carrot oil can be made at home and homemade carrot oil is always the best because it’s always free from adulterations.

My carrot oil testimony!

Over the years I have been battling with hair problems for a very long time,I have used different kinds of hair treatments that never worked until I learned to use carrot oil.

My skin started glowing and I can now boast of an even toned skin and also got rid of dark knuckles.

Want to learn how I made my carrot oil at home, it is very simple, less stressful, and easy.
To learn this simple process read through.

There are two methods used in the preparations.

You can use any of the two methods.

Procedures For Making Carrot Oil At Home

How To Treat Natural Hair At Home
How To Treat Natural Hair At Home


Materials needed:
A)2 sticks of carrots
B)1 bottle of extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil(As the carrier oil)
E) Frying pan
1.Get your two sticks of carrot
2.Wash them properly
3.Grate your carrot into tiny pieces
4.Set your frying pan on fire and set the heat to low.

5.Pour in the olive oil or the coconut oil to be used as the carrier oil.

6.Pour in your carrot and stir

7.Stir the carrot in the oil for about 10-15 mins.
8.Set the pan down and allow it to cool and then sieve out the oil.
9.pour your oil into a container and use it.



1.Get your two sticks of carrot(although it depends on the quantity of oil you want)
2.Wash your carrot
3.Grate the carrot into tiny pieces.
4.pour the grated carrot into a jar(bottle)and pour in your olive oil while making sure that the oil covers the carrot.
5.Place your pot with water on the fire. the jar containing the carrot inside the pot.
7.cover the jar halfway and also cover the pot halfway
8.Allow the water to boil for 10-20 mins.
9.Set the pot down and bring out the jar.
10.Allow to cool and Sieve out the oil
Carrot oil did wonders for and I can’t imagine the feeling.

Health Benefits Of Carrot Oil for hair and skin

1.Carrot oil is very essential for maintaining hair texture and improving hair growth because of the nutrients it contains

2.carrot oil is widely used for its antibacterial and healing properties.

2.Carrot oil moisturizes dry skin hence it can be used as a skin moisturizer.

3.It softens the skin tissues.

4.Carrot oil softens the skin and leaves it gentle and soft.

5.Carrot oil is seen as an important ingredient in treating eczema and other skin-related problems.

Having seen the general health benefits of carrot oil you can agree with me that this oil should be a must-have for all women who are interested in keeping their skin soft and succulent all the time.

For the purpose of this write-up, we shall be taking into detail how to treat natural hair at home using carrot oil and also how to get rid of dark knuckles using carrot oil.

My last article on how to use lime juice to get rid of stretch marks was really helpful to readers all over the world.

I got a lot of testimonies of how the use of lime juice and other homemade ingredients listed in the write-up helped a lot of women to get rid of stubborn stretch marks on their bodies.

I hope also that you pay attention to this article and use carrot oil for your dark knuckles and hairs then come back for testimonies.

Dark knuckles over the years have become a major issue that most women have sort solutions to get rid of them.

The good news is here, carrot oil is the perfect oil to clear your dark knuckles and leave your skin glowing in uniformity.

Using carrot oil for dark knuckles

Over the years, many women have to sort the solution to the increasing rate at which people develop dark knuckles mostly on the fingers, toes, and knees.

These knuckles are quite embarrassing hence the need to remove them.

Carrot oil has definitely come to stay because it offers the solution to dark knuckle removal.

The next question anyone reading this write-up should ask is, “How is carrot oil used in removing dark knuckles”.

The answer to this question will be provided but before then let us understand that carrot oil contains beta-carotene as an essential nutrient.

Beta-carotene is the converted to vitamin A in the body.

It helps to promote, repair, and maintain the skin.

It also provides antioxidants that mildly bleach the affected area giving it a uniform color with the rest of the skin.

Beta-carotene contained in carrot oil helps slow down the aging process by acting as an antioxidant

How To Use Carrot Oil To Get Rid Of Dark Knuckles

As stated earlier, we already discussed the procedures involved in making your carrot oil at home, follow the procedures carefully, it is very simple.

After you have made your carrot oil, it’s now time to use it to achieve the best results.

And how do you do that?

Follow the simple steps below;

  • Use cotton wool and dip into the carrot oil
  • Rub the oil on the affected part of the body and leave it until the next morning.
  • Wash it off while taking your morning bath.
  • Repeat this for 21 days and you will see amazing results.

Carrot oil has been found to be very effective when it comes to dark knuckles.

You must be consistent with applying the oil on the affected body parts in order to enjoy the maximum health benefits of carrot oil on dark knuckles and natural hair.

Consistency is the key to getting results when it comes to skin and hair-related treatments.

Health Benefits Of Carrot Oil On Natural Hair

How To Treat Natural Hair At Home
How To Treat Natural Hair At Home

Carrot oil is very good and effective for natural hair treatment because it prevents hair breakage, encourages rapid hair growth, and strengthens the hair strands.

All these benefits of carrot oil on the hair cannot be ignored.

So how do we use this carrot oil for hair treatment in order to derive the full health benefits of carrot oil natural hair?

We had earlier talked about consistency, to get a favorable result from using carrot oil you need to be consistent with the application of this carrot oil

Follow these simple steps to treat your hair with carrot oil.

STEP 1: After using the simple procedure above to make your carrot oil, measure out 3 spoonfuls of carrot oil, mix with water and boil it on low heat.

STEP 2: Now you just have to part your hair into four sections and apply the oil onto your scalp.

STEP 3: Massage the oil into your scalp properly using your hands until the oil is completely absorbed.

STEP 4: Cover your hair with a shower cap and allow to sit for 30 mins.

You can use a dryer to dry the hair or just allow it to sit for 30 mins.

STEP 5: Wash off thoroughly and apply for leave in conditioner and style.

Now sit back and watch your hair grow and flourish.

Health benefits of carrot oil for dark knucles and natural hair
Health benefits of carrot oil for dark knuckles and natural hair

After this hair treatment with carrot oil, you will enjoy more healthy hair growth and healthy hair strands.

carrot oil is very beneficial for healthy hair and so while you are on the journey to beautiful and glowing hair it’s important to have your carrot oil handy.

Things You Should Not Do With Carrot Oil

Carrot oil is not good for pregnant women and so should be totally avoided.

The health of both the mother and child might be affected by carrot oil.

also, people who are asthmatic or epileptic should stay meters away from carrot oil.

Over usage of carrot oil can lead to vomiting and headaches ore asthmatic patients.

Where To Find Carrot Oil  

From the beginning of this write-up, we discussed how to make your carrot oil at home using two different methods.

Once you follow the procedure properly, you will be able to make your carrot oil within few minutes.

But if you don’t have the ingredients and materials needed for making carrot oil your carrot oil at home, you can purchase your carrot oil from local stores around you or from pharmacies.

Bottom line is that as long as skin and hair beauty and treatment are concerned carrot oil will always be the number one consideration.

Why not start that journey towards the removal of dark knuckles today using carrot oil as the main ingredient.

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