kegel Exercise:Step By Step Guide To make Your V@gina Tight

This Kegel exercise step by step guide to make your v@gina tight will guide thoroughly through the journey to achieve a tight v@gina.

When it comes to issues concerning the vagina a lot of women show great concern and interest.

kegel Exercise:Step By Step Guide To make Your V@gina Tight
kegel Exercise:Step By Step Guide To make Your V@gina Tight

There have been a lot of myths and misconceptions about the elasticity of the v@gina.

A lot of people believe that the v@gina loses its elasticity and become loose forever.

This is not true, meanwhile the truth is that the v@gina is elastic, it can extend to allow things like the penis, sex toys and even a baby to enter and leave freely.

You can imagine the head of a new born baby coming out of the v@gina and after that the vagina still goes back to its shape.

This is a proof of the elasticity of the v@gina.

The vagina may become loose as you advance in age or have more children, but that does not in any way mean that the vagina lost its elasticity.

At this point, the need to tighten the vagina becomes important for so many reasons most importantly for maximum s*xual pleasure with your partner.

When the vagina becomes loose the friction between the wall of the vagina and the penis is lost hence the decrease in s*xual pleasure.

There are many products in the market that claims to help to tighten the vagina.

I will not recommend any of this product because I am not a fan of inserting anything into the v@gina in a bid to tighten or make the vagina clean.

I will instead recommend something I know will help you tighten up and will not pose a risk to your health in the future.

That thing is kegel exercise, when you read further and find out what kegel exercise is and the step to step guide to perform it.

You will definitely stick to it because it’s really simple to do and quite stress free.

What is kegel Exercise?

kegel Exercise:Step By Step Guide To make Your V@gina Tight
kegel Exercise:Step By Step Guide To make Your V@gina Tight

Kegel exercise is an exercise performed to tighten the pelvic floor muscles of a woman.

To do kegel exercise properly then you must locate your pelvic floor muscles and start exercising them with the intention to tighten up.

Itis also recommended for women who wants to tighten their v@gina.

Kegel exercise was developed by Dr.Arnold Kegel and American gynecologist as a non-surgical means to prevent women from leaking urine.

Kegel exercise is a very simple exercise to perform but the problem lies in being able to locate the right muscles to work on.

Most women who do kegel exercise are actually working on their abdomen, buttocks or inner thigh muscles because they were not able to locate the right muscles to work on hence they end up not reaping the benefits of the exercise they do.

Who Should Do Kegel Exercise?

 Pregnant women:

Every woman who is pregnant should do kegel exercise.

Kegel exercise helps the pregnant women preparing for delivery to keep their pelvic muscles strong; this will help them to prevent urine leakage at the end of the pregnancy.

It will also make later months of pregnancy a more comfortable experience in general.

   Women Who Just Put To Bed (Post partum):

Women who just had a baby should do kegel exercise; it will tighten the v@gina back and bring it back to its original shape before child birth.

  Women Suffering From Urinary Incontinence:

Urinary incontinence refers to the inability to control the bladder.

Kegel exercise helps to stop urinary incontinence although you need to talk with your doctor.

   Women Who Wants To Prevent Prolapsed Uterus:

The uterus is said to be prolapsed when a woman’s uterus starts to move down from its usual position inside the body through the cervix into the vagina.

The uterus of women with strong pelvic muscle is less likely to become prolapsed.

Meanwhile kegel is focused on building strong pelvic floor muscles, so doing kegel can go a long way in preventing a prolapsed uterus.

 Every other Woman:

Every other woman needs to do kegels often.

This is because as we grow older, our muscles lose tone and become weaker; the v@ginal muscles are no exceptions.

Kegel exercise will help in strengthening and tightening the v@ginal muscles.

How To Find The Right Muscles To Work On

Like I mentioned earlier, doing kegel exercise regularly is quite easy, simple and stress free but locating the right muscle to work on isn’t.

The question becomes how do we locate the right muscles and work on them.

In order to locate the right muscles, follow the tips below;

  • When you are urinating, try stopping the flow of urine halfway(more like holding back the urine).The muscle you used to hold back the urine is the right muscle, and that is the muscle you should engage while doing kegel.
  • Put your finger (make sure the finger is clean) into the v@gina and try squeezing squeezing your finger. That muscle that squeezed your finger is the right muscle
  • Do not be scared to ask your gynecologist to help you if you are finding it difficult to locate the right muscle.

Best Ways To Do Kegel Exercise

If you just decided to start kegel exercise then you need to start earlier because the earlier the better.

kegel Exercise:Step By Step Guide To make Your V@gina Tight
kegel Exercise:Step By Step Guide To make Your V@gina Tight

Below are the best ways to do this exercise perfectly

  1. Squeeze the muscle you located earlier while urinating while urinating, more like holding off the flow of urine.
  2. Hold the squeezed muscle for 2-5 seconds then relax them.
  3. Repeat this for 10 times
  4. As time goes on, you can hold for longer periods of time do increased repetitions.

Do the exercise regularly

Once you have come to terms with the kegel exercise techniques, you can do this exercise any time and at any place.

This is one of the major advantages of this exercise.

Every woman stands to gain a lot from kegel exercise, so no need for delay.

Just add kegel exercise to your daily exercise routine avoid trying to use unhealthy creams or soaps to tighten the v@gina.

Why use the ones with side effects when you have an exercise that is very harmless and cost nothing yet yielding maximum results.

Start kegeling today anywhere and at any time and watch how your vagina tightens giving you that feel of being a virgin once again and maximum s*xual pleasure attained.

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