Making It Happen: 7 Easy Ways to Get Workout Motivation

Making It Happen: 7 Easy Ways to Get Workout Motivation

You know that you need to start working out more, but the motivation just isn’t there right now.

Whether you’ve been working out for a while and you’re just stuck for the moment or you’ve never tried and aren’t sure how to encourage yourself to start, having the right motivation can be crucial.

You may need something to help motivate you so you have the chance to reach your fitness goals and so you can keep track of how well you’re doing.

If you’re struggling to find the motivation to ensure you stick with working out regularly, try out these seven tips now.

Find a Workout You’ll Love

Making It Happen: 7 Easy Ways to Get Workout Motivation
Making It Happen: 7 Easy Ways to Get Workout Motivation

Finding the right workout is crucial. Make sure you find something you’re going to enjoy doing so you look forward to exercising.

Check out the different workouts from Moms Into Fitness to find something that’s going to inspire you to keep going.

Online workouts make it possible for you to exercise at home, with minimal equipment, and at the time you prefer, so there aren’t any excuses for getting started.

Plus, when you love the workout, you’re more likely to keep doing it week after week.

Try out a few different workouts if you aren’t sure what you might prefer, as this gives you the chance to make sure you choose something that will be fun to do and that you can do every time you work out.

Plan the Workouts

Make sure you schedule a time to work out and write it down in your schedule.

Schedule a set time and try to avoid postponing it for any reason.

If it’s in your calendar each week, you’ll be less likely to skip the workout.

Set reminders if possible so you’ll see them earlier in the day and can get yourself ready for the workout.

This gives you time to make sure you have everything you’ll need and allows you to prepare for the workout mentally.

Once you figure out a schedule that works around everything else going on in your life, you can stick with it and have continued motivation to keep exercising, even when life does get a little busier.

Work Out With a Friend

Making It Happen: 7 Easy Ways to Get Workout Motivation
Making It Happen: 7 Easy Ways to Get Workout Motivation

Having a friend along can help you with accountability.

It’ll likely help them as well, and it’s going to be a lot more fun than doing it on your own.

Find a friend you can work out with and set up a few times a week to do exercises with them.

If you can’t go to the gym or exercise at home with them, at least make a point to talk to them about their progress and your own once a week, so you both keep up with the exercises and can encourage each other to keep going.

Tell Others About Your Progress

Making It Happen: 7 Easy Ways to Get Workout Motivation
Making It Happen: 7 Easy Ways to Get Workout Motivation

It may help you if you share your progress with others as you won’t want to let them down by quitting.

Choose a friend you text regularly or share your progress on social media accounts, so others know how you’re doing.

Others may provide added motivation if they know you’re struggling with it.

They may have ideas you can try that would make exercising more fun.

If you do need help with motivation, asking those you’ve told your goals to can help.

Many of them may have been in the same spot before and can offer suggestions that worked well for them.

Picture Your Goals

Think about what you want and picture yourself meeting the goal.

This works whether the goal is to lose weight, be in better shape, run further, or anything else.

Simply take a few moments to think about what you want and what it’ll look like when you get there.

If this is hard to do, try picturing the end of a smaller goal at first, then working up to picturing you when you’ve reached the larger goal.

Studies have shown that being able to picture the goal can help with reaching the goal and can provide the motivation you need to push through when it does get hard to work on reaching the goal.

Work With a Trainer

Personal trainers can help you keep to a workout schedule and encourage you to work out even when you’re not feeling motivated.

They’ll also provide you with a workout plan, so you can have a set plan to follow.

You can work with a personal trainer once a week or once a month, but follow their personalized plan throughout the rest of the time.

When you meet up again, they’ll ask about your progress.

This can help encourage you to keep going even if you don’t feel like it because you’ll want to keep up with their plan.

Make it a Competition

Competing can make it a lot more fun.

Try competing against others or yourself. If you’ve been running, see if you can run an extra few minutes.

If you’ve been doing exercise programs, see if you can do one extra each week or have a competition with a friend to see who can go the longest without taking a day off.

Friendly competitions can make the workout a lot more fun and can help you see the end of it.

These can be mini goals, which are difficult but not impossible to reach in a short period.

If you do reach these mini-goals, make adjustments, and keep going.

Working out can be fun, but it can be hard to find the motivation to keep going and to keep up with a workout plan.

When life gets busy or the motivation to reach a goal just isn’t there, it can be hard to get up and exercise.

However, these tips may make it easier for you to find the motivation you need and to make sure you’ll stick with the plan you use.

Try one or a few of the tips to get all of the motivation you need and to start getting the exercise you want.

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