3 Most Powerful Words That Will Change Your Life

In life there are a lot of important words needed at every occasion, that means you are only expected  to talk when necessary. A lot of people have failed to understand this and therefore have ended up saying this inappropriately without even being bothered  about  the results of the words they sprout out. So many … Read more

Five Easy Ways to Manage Depression In women

Five Easy Ways to Manage Depression In women

Five Easy Ways to manage depression Often times on various platforms,work places,our homes,schools,churches e.t.c we probably have heard or seen someone complaining of being depressed due to one thing or the other which I  wil later talk about in details in the cause of our discussions.   “Depression in psychotherapy and psychiatry is a state … Read more

5 Simple Ways of Improving Self Esteem

Low self esteem is an issue which most individuals face either knowingly or unknowingly,but the simple fact is that low self esteem could be destructive to the individuals daily life. Low self esteem can manifest in children,adolescents and adults alike .It directly depends on all factors that determines the individuals overall existence,these factors includes social … Read more