5 Powerful Health Tips for Older Women

5 Powerful Health Tips for Older Women
Powerful Healthy tips for older women
5 Powerful Healthy tips for older women

5 Powerful Health Tips for Older Women

Both men and women may experience health issues when they reach golden age.

However, between the two, women may likely to have unique health issues related to aging.

For instance, the kind of diet they’ve been on during their 20s and 30s may not be enough to achieve the same results in their 40s and 50s.

This is because they can experience a lot of changes in their body including cardiovascular, hormonal and muscle changes.

When women reach 50, it becomes common for them to gain weight because the amount of muscle mass in their body increases.

The calories they’ve gotten after eating might not be burnt efficiently by their body as compared to when they were younger.

It is due to the fact that their metabolism slows down resulting  to the accumulation of excess fat by their body.

Another common ailment for women is the hormonal imbalance that may cause them stroke and heart disease as well as inability to memorize things quickly.

It is important, therefore, to eat a variety of foods that can help them get the necessary nutrients for their body.

So, if the goal of women aged 50 and above is to “hold back” those aging years, some of the healthy tips, aside from eating healthy foods and balanced diet, for an ageless body are suggested below.

Get enough Sleep

Quality sleep plays an important role in their health.

It is vital for the seniors to get atleast 7-8 hours of sleep at night.

Although it is reported that women are likely to experience sleep problem than men, this should not hinder them to have an uninterrupted sleep especially between 10pm in the evening and 5am in the morning.

This time frame is an ideal time for the body to relax while the brain functions better.

This period is also considered as the time the body is  actively working to produce the sleep hormone called serotonin.

When the body gets enough sleep, it improves the immune system thus the risk of having high blood pressure, flu, stroke and diabetes decreased

Have a Regular Exercise

Powerful Healthy tips for older women
5 Powerful Health tips for older women

Physical exercises such as running, dancing and even just a 20-minute of brisk walking can help them control their weight, sharpen their memory as well as strengthen their muscles and bones.

Yoga is also one type of exercise that can help them improves their coordination and balance.


Another kind of workout are posture exercises such as chest opener, high plank and forward fold.

This is advisable for the elder women who are having trouble with their posture to reduce the risk of various injuries in their lower back.

Moreover, flexibility exercises like neck side stretch, back stretch, hamstring and low back stretch as well as ankle circles are good to maintain the range of motion in the joints and flexibility.

It can help them lessen the risk of muscle pain and injuries that are common when the body is getting older.

More importantly, when they exercise regularly, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes can be prevented so they can have a fabulous senior year.

You can also get an electronic pedal exerciser to help you exercise while at home.


Pay the doctors a visit

Powerful Healthy tips for older women
5 Powerful Health tips for older women

It is necessary for the senior women to pay their doctors especially their gynecologists and endocrinologist a visit at least twice a year.

They are advised to do so especially when they feel that there’s something wrong with their body.

A complete picture of their health status can only be given by the doctors.

Most of the common ailments women can get are: cardiovascular diseases, cognitive dysfunction, osteoporosis and cancer specifically of the breasts, cervix, ovaries as well as other pathologies.

The risk of having chronic diseases is more likely to increase because of natural aging and hormonal changes that really affect the body.

This hormonal changes is called menopause—a normal condition that all women can experience wherein their menstrual cycle stops and their capacity to get pregnant drops out.

During this period, the level of female sex hormones that regulates the bone mineral metabolism is starting to decline.

Endocrinologists and gynecologists can help them normalize and stabilize the hormone level in order to prevent the above mentioned diseases from occurring.

Another reason why they need to visit their doctor is to have them examined in order to know their status.

During menopausal stage, signs of breast cancer and cervical cancer can be hidden by its symptoms.

Getting in touch, however, with their doctors can have a greater impact on their health.

Detection of these diseases at an early stage can help the patient to be treated effectively.

Have the body screened and tested

Powerful Healthy tips for older women
5 Powerful Health tips for older women

Aside from giving their doctors a visit, it is important also for the older women to have their body checked.

Annual health checkup helps them know their condition to get a proper medication and treatment.

Provided below is a checkup checklist they need all throughout their twilight years.


  • Diabetes screening: Overweight women are more likely to acquire diabetes thus they should be tested earlier and more often.Their doctors can advise them how often they should be screened by  testing their level of hemoglobin A1C or blood glucose levels.
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol: It is necessary to monitor their blood pressure and cholesterol in order to prevent heart attack and stroke.
  • Bone density test: Many of the senior women suffer from osteoporosis. This condition may occur when the body does not get enough calcium.
  • Pap test and pelvic exam: It is advised that they have these kind of tests at least 2 to 3 years. Cervical cancer can be diagnosed using pap tests screen while the pelvic exam is for cervix and vagina and to know if their uterus is healthy. Signs of infections can also be known using this type of tests.
  • Breasts exam: It is necessary to be screened for this since breast cancer is a very common cancer among women. Those women who belong to a high-risk category for breast cancer might be advised by their doctor to have an annual mammogram.
  • Dental checkup: Older women are advised to visit their dentist and have their preventive checkups and routine cleanings at least twice a year. Menopause can cause gum disease.


  • Eye checkup: Every 1 to 2 years, seniors are advised to have their eyes examined. The risk of glaucoma increases as they get older.

Drink Enough Water

Water is really important for a perfect healthy life and as women get older they need to drink enough water everyday.

Water will help to keep their body hydrated and hence helps in the normal functioning of the body.

Written above are just some of the healthy tips for older women among many suggestions can be found out there.

In keeping their body healthy, however, it is essential to get enough sleep, exercise regularly, visit the doctor and have their body checked at least annually.

Do not take these tips for granted.

As they invest money in order to enjoy their retirement days, they should also start investing for themselves.

Through this, although old age is inevitable, they can still enjoy their twilight years.

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