3 Most Powerful Words That Will Change Your Life

In life there are a lot of important words needed at every occasion, that means you are only expected  to talk when necessary.
A lot of people have failed to understand this and therefore have ended up saying this inappropriately without even being bothered  about  the results of the words they sprout out. So many people have made a lot of ugly utterances that are demeaning to their personality not to talk of the personality of the people to whom such words are spoken to.
Empty vessels make the most noise; an individual with a high level of intelligent quotient will always watch his or her words and try to adjust them with the situations on ground.
Talking anyhow without qualitative reasoning only shows  how shallow minded the individual in question is, before sprouting a word it is only  proper to weigh the outcomes of this word you are about to say  because once voiced out it can never  be taken  back into the oral cavity.
A word can bless or curse an individual. Words can be hurtful, pleasant,hateful,blissful, insolent, disrespectful, hopeful, hopeful est. this simply  implies that words can either be positive or negative  depending  on the manner and occasion during which it was voiced out.
From life experiences and knowledge  I have acquired so far I have been able to learn that there  are  important words that each and every one of us needs to learn and make them part and parcel of our lives ,mostly in our everyday life while relating with other people . This words  makes us diplomatic, and makes our relationships with other individuals stress and quarrel free. A lot of these words abound but let us dwell on this 3 which I consider to be the most important and probably the most difficult words to say. These are;
  1. Excuse me
  2. I am sorry
  3. Please
Excuse me: This sentence looks very simple and very
short but the gist is that a lot of people find it very difficult to say them
when the need arises. Saying excuse me at the appropriate time and occasion
could be very difficult and seems to be a lifetime job for some people.

Just  the other day I was standing right in front
of my apartments staircase, in  something
that looked like a flash of lighting from the sky someone pushed me from behind
when I called his attention to the fact that he pushed me .Do you know this guy
picked offense and demanded to know  why I was standing there. You can imagine! So
even if I was standing on the road and he said  excuse me could you adjust so I could
pass I guess he will cease to answer his surname. The fact is a lot of us are guilty
of this very act and when you try to correct them it escalates into an issue.

 Instead of claiming to be right why not learn to say Excuse me at the right time and save yourself the embarrassment of presenting yourself as being uncultured,uneducated,and ill-mannered. I am sorry:
How many words is that? It’s just 3 but do you know that this sentence have done so many damages than you can ever imagine.
The inability of some people to say” I am sorry” when it become necessary makes this sentence more powerful than you Can ever imagine. The point is that these sect of people finding it difficult to say I am sorry are intentionally romancing what they have actually decorated to be their guarding and protecting their pride  not knowing that saying I am sorry does not make you less of who you are instead it adds a feather to your crown and presents you as a cultured and mannered individual. A lot of marriages have been broken due to the inability of either the wife or the husband to simply say I am sorry when they are at fault, even if by every means it is obvious that you  are not the one at fault ,but you won’t die if you open you vocal cavity to simply say I am sorry! likewise a lot of people have lost their job,while others have missed a rare opportunity

I was watching a video
of a little girl the other day whom one big aunt  bumped into ,the father of this
little girl  requested that the big aunt says sorry to the small girl, but the big aunt  found it difficult to sprout it out, do you know it took the intervention
of police men for the sentence I AM SORRY to flow out from her oral cavity. I don’t get it why is it so
difficult is it because you feel that that your pride is at stake? No! it’s
never going to make you less instead, it will
make you more matured and cultured.

Just stop take a deep
breath relax all your muscles and spit it out I—AM—SORRY!

Please: This is still another issue for some people who cannot bring themselves to saying please. I classify these sect of people as being arrogant, why can’t you say please, Why is so difficult to say and why are you seeing as a big deal. Some of them will be expecting you to allow them possession of a valuable item when they cannot even appeal to your conscience with their words they command as if it’s by force to do them a favor.
Take a look at your life and know if you fall into this category that wears arrogance as a suit and do yourself a favor by pulling of that demeaning suit and embrace positivity as a watch word. Learn to say please when necessary it’s not difficult at least you will not die while saying it.

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