Why Cell Therapy is Redefining Healthcare in 2019

Why Cell Therapy is Redefining Healthcare in 2019

Why Cell Therapy is Redefining Healthcare in 2019
Why Cell Therapy is Redefining Healthcare in 2019

Healthcare is being changed every day. Not all traditional treatments work as well as they used to with the constant development of medical technology.

The newest in the field is regenerative medicine, which has shown some promise with healing degenerative conditions and injuries that were once thought to be untreatable.
This is due to the process of stem cells and cell therapy.

This gives patients more options to treat their conditions instead of accepting their fate and going through physical therapy. But how is cell therapy changing healthcare exactly?

What are Stem Cells

Why Cell Therapy is Redefining Healthcare in 2019
Why Cell Therapy is Redefining Healthcare in 2019

Each area of the body consists of cells that have very specific functions.

For example, the cells in the kidneys perform very different functions than the ones in the lungs.

These cells are already developed so they already have a function that they serve.
Stem cells, on the other hand, are essentially blank.

They don’t have a specific purpose so they can be manipulated to mimic or adapt to the cells in a specific area of the body.

In this light, the stem cells can help the body to repair faster from injuries or other conditions that may be ailing the body.

How It’s Changing Healthcare

Because of how cell therapy works, it’s becoming a means to recover from surgery or healing an injury.

Stem cells can copy the power of the platelets to increase blood flow and stop inflammation.

That way, the patient can recover much faster and spend less time being bed-bound.
Stem cell therapy is also replacing traditional methods of surgery, helping to heal joint afflictions.

For example, instead of using titanium for knee replacement surgeries, stem cells can actually replace the damaged cartilage within the joint.

A typical surgery would come with multiple appointments, pain, scars, and some downtime recovering in bed.

A single treatment of cell therapy, on the other hand, involves a same-day injection that has no downtime.

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Healing Diseases

Outside of surgery, cell therapy is also responsible for healing and replacing damaged tissues and organs as a result of disease, aging, or other congenital defects.

It’s definitely making it easier for people to have more fuller lives than accepting the fate that they have no recourse for their conditions.

That makes healthcare more viable to those who thought they had no solution on hand. With more and more treatment options being made available, it’s much easier for people with chronic conditions to find relief and still be covered by their insurance.

Although it will be some time before cell therapy is accepted as the treatment of the future, these new medical procedures are a step in the right direction.

In time, it will become more acceptable and may soon replace old methods of treatment and surgery that makes it easier for people to recover from debilitating conditions.

People can live longer and fuller lives pain-free and with more confidence that they can overcome the conditions they’re afflicted with.

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