Why You Should Avoid Sugary Foods Before Or During Your Period

Why You Should Avoid Sugary Foods Before Or During Your Period

Why you should avoid sugary foods before or during your period
Why you should avoid sugary foods before or during your period

Monthly periods and pre-menstrual cramps are one of the major issues every woman faces faces during the month.

That particular time of the the month is always dramatic .

A lot of women have always searched and researched to find out more effective ways to manage period cramps.

In our last article,6 important facts every woman should know about her period,I discussed diet management as a means reducing premenstrual syndrome.

The days before your period as a lady is always marked with so many uncomfortable feelings ranging from fatigue,mood swings,breast tenderness,bloating etc.

This uncomfortable feelings will a times make you want to quit menstruation,but of course you know we cannot quit even if we wanted to.

On managing,your diets to reduce PMS avoiding some foods before or during your period can a long way in helping to reduce the extent of PMS and help ease off some of the discomforts.

Want to find out why you should avoid sugary foods before or during your period?,then read further

Why You Should Avoid Sugary Foods 

Sugar is very sweet,and yes i know that!

Its always difficult to avoid eating sugar,come on!

I know that too,but what do you say about having to minimize all the discomforts you experience before or during your period by just skipping that little kilogram of sugar or sugary foods.

Hello,keep the sugar down until the period stops flowing,it is not going to kill you,but bring a certain level of comfort to your door steps,because of the hormonal changes during your period,the blood sugar levels will become unstable marked by downward and upward surges and so many women end up craving and upward surges,and so many women and up craving during their periods.

But do you know that eating sugary foods during this time will increase the blood-sugar fluctuations resulting in mood swings and tension.

You also need to know that eating sugary foods during this time will add to system imbalance as well as fatigue.

Instead of going for that sugary food,why don’t you have a fiber rich fruit salad and low fat yoghurt.

Replace the sugary food diets with other healthy diets like fruits and vegetables.

Other Foods To Avoid Before Or During Your Period

Other than avoiding sugary foods before or during your periods,there are a lot of other foods you need to avoid too to have a very free menstruation and less discomfort.

Other foods to avoid during period are;

Caffeinated foods and beverages

Processed foods

Fatty Acids

Caffeinated foods

While expecting or on your period there is need for you to limit you intake of foods and beverages that contains caffeine.

Avoiding caffeinated foods and beverages can help in reducing PMS symptoms.
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Examples of caffeinated foods and beverages includes chocolate,coffee,tea and soft drink. These caffeinated drinks worsen,PMS symptoms such as anxiety,depression and breast tenderness so it will be best to blacklist them until after your period.

You can replace this caffeinated drinks with herbal teas and always stay hydrated.

Processed Foods

Before or during your period controlling salt intake will help you to keep the bloating and heavy feeling that comes with period under control.

One of the best ways to to keep salt intake at bare is avoiding processed foods;because they are packed with sodium.

Replace the processed foods with fresh foods with fresh fruits and vegetables,nuts,and cereals.Whole foods are naturally low in sodium and promotes overall health.

Fatty Foods

Fatty foods have strong effects on hormonal activities in your body consuming diets low in fats helps to reduce excess estrogen levels.

Avoid fatty foods such as sausages or burgers.

Put your mind on eating fresh vegetables and whole grains.

Why you should avoid sugary foods before or during your period
Why you should avoid sugary foods before or during your period

Avoid irregular meals

Irregular meals will make the blood sugar levels to fluctuate.You would not want that to happen so its adviseable to maintain regular meals and strengthen your digestion.

Eat Blood Replenishing 

Always go for blood replenishing foods like black beans,carrot,spinach,peanuts,red beans,iron supplements etc to keep the blood well nourished.

Avoid Drinking Strong Tea

The tannic acid contained in tea may affect the proper absorption of protein and iron in food.

Avoid Cold Foods

Cold foods are very hard to digest and they also use up the warm energy in your body.

Coldness constricts,which can stagnate the normal blood flow and impairment of circulation causing PMS so try consuming warm foods instead of cold one when in your period. learn 10 natural ways to handle premenstrual syndrome.


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This stage is mark by the formation and growth of egg follicles .

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